How to: Download and Install TBC

How to: Download and Install TBC

Postby Cola » Thu Nov 01, 2012 8:55 am

First of all you need a BitTorrent client. If you don't have one; you can get uTorrent here.

When you have a BitTorrent client you can go ahead and download the universal TBC client torrent here.

Start the download by opening the WoWTBC_2.4.3-universal.torrent file with uTorrent (it should open it with uTorrent automatically).

When your download is complete, go ahead and unrar WoW TBC.rar using, for example: WinRAR

Open up your new WoW TBC folder and:

1) Open up "" with Notepad.

2) Delete everything in the file (it should already be empty) and paste this in:

set realmlist

3) Save and close the file. Make sure you do not accidentally save the file as .txt (, it needs to be .wtf only.

4) Start World of Warcraft with Wow.exe.

You should now be able to login with the account you created when you registered for our server (not your forum account) and play the game.
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